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Similar scenes are being played out in Labour strongholds across Britain in what has been widely dubbed a Momentum ‘purge’.‘People with decades of experience in local government are being replaced by, frankly, political zealots who have never run anything of substance,’ says one deselected councillor.‘In certain cities, they are likely to get their hands on large amounts of public money.

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The Mail has learned that 11 of the 12 long-serving members of Sedgefield’s Constituency Labour Party were recently ousted and replaced with far-Left activists.

There are fears the group could attempt to deselect sitting MP Phil Wilson, a critic of Jeremy Corbyn.

Having played a huge role in helping Labour’s recent general election campaign — so huge that the Electoral Commission has launched an investigation into (vigorously disputed) suggestions it broke finance rules — Momentum is now mounting a nationwide campaign to replace the party’s moderate election candidates with fervent Corbynistas.

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    In such case the State lays down its essential requirements for the formation of such bodies, and so we come to have what is known as a legal society, a society, namely, freely established under the sanction and according to the requirements of the civil law.

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