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She is also known for her work with Habitat for Humanity, a global nonprofit housing organisation.

Beyond her shows, her works have been featured in a handful of publications and, she has severally appeared on national news programs of big media outlets like ABC and CNN.

Meanwhile, don’t be taken aback if you meet anyone proclaiming Amy an actress.

Amy Matthews planned to raise her children, stay married and live a happy life; then breast cancer happened... It actually put her on the path of living a much fuller, happier and authentic life. My cancer ‘journey’ allowed me to grow and realize I can take control of my life and not settle.

I am now out of a toxic marriage and am now teaching my children what love truly feels like.

What they do not realize is that it is exhausting to “be strong”, but if you do not seem “strong”, everyone else falls apart.

When someone is going through cancer, they need to be allowed to “fall apart” and not be judged that they are weak.

"Thirty percent should be given midway through and the remaining percent upon completion."Know what you want When planning a renovation, know exactly what design you want before hiring a contractor.