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One drawback they have as fodder is that they are FAST. I have a feeling they wont mix well with eggs and larvae, but i havent been able to test this yet.Oh, here are a couple of pics of these shrimp, they sure are beautiful.

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Is there much difference between Ghost Shrimp and Red Cherry?? It's a toss up between breeding some feeder fish, or getting some shrimp. time to go shrimp hunting I have them too (for nearly a year) and i agree with you - they're too fast for smaller newts (i guess that big newts as waltl, pachytriton, tylototriton(?

I reckon the shrimp sound the most interesting by far - food, cleaners, entertaining to watch! ) would have bigger chance to haul them into mouths if they want), which love to eat them when i give shrimps from tweezers, i think that's most enthusiastic reaction for food, after earthworms.

So far ive fed them newt pellets, boiled veggies, fish food, algae from other tanks and home-made vegetable "cookies" (its just dehydrated vegetable puree, containing a large variety of different vegetables). As for husbandry, a small cycled tank with lots of java moss and other live plants is enough.

All you need to do is the regular water changes, just like in a caudate tank. I raise shrimps too but catch them (when I can) in the breeder tanks and move a few at a time to the axolotl tanks as feeders. These little freshwater shrimp (and those "Nano-cubes") are quite the rage here in Berlin right now.

One type is called "green", one is called "red fire", and one is just called the archtype, they are clear or grey but change colors according to what they eat.