updating site content failed - Build an instantly updating dynamic website with jquery ajax

TL; DR: To get started developing a web application, you must find a high-quality JSON API.Using 10 lines of Javascript code, you can easily request resources from a RESTful API that outputs random users and convert them to Javascript objects.Creating your first web application can seem a bit difficult at first, so let’s take it one step at a time, starting with getting content from a RESTful API, using AJAX calls.

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The popular choice seems to be Bootstrap, which is well-documented, has a nice, large community and is feature-rich.

However, I will be using mini.css, which I developed myself and I know a lot better than Bootstrap.

Here are a few resources I found while searching online, that output placeholder content and that we can use to build a sample web application: We will be using these three, but feel free to check the list at the end of the post for more interesting APIs that you can use to generate placeholder content for your page.

So, the first thing you’ll want to do before you write any code is actually visit the endpoint of one of these and see what it is that you get.

Developing for the frontend web and keeping up with the Javascript ecosystem and all the new terms and flashy frameworks can be intimidating to say the least.