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Small groups will be formed to study in depth various themes and scriptures.

Sometimes the groups will study the sermon topics for the following Sunday worship, which is generally a series.

A variety of approaches have been followed, including “The Tenebrae, a service of darkness”, Holy Communion in groups of 12, symbolizing the 12 disciples eating with Christ on the night before he was crucified, and many others.

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Music is an integral part of our worship, and a variety of congregational songs are used including praise songs, gospel music, traditional music and well known hymns of the faith.

There is special music in every service, including the choir, soloists, duets and the like.

The messages are called “The Sharing of the Good News,” and often, during the year, there are special series of messages.

In September and during Lent, small groups meet to study and discuss the scriptures on which the messages are based and often offer suggestions for the messages.

My love of gardening and cooking has spilled over into my love of painting in recent years.