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I have never even imagined that it could be any differently.Maybe the foreskin does not automatically retract when it comes to penises of a significant size?When it comes to guys who do not, I believe that there are surgical procedures to correct it. I have never had bleeding due to multiple masturbatory sessions in one day. Also, I keep myself clean and it is NOT gross to have a foreskin.

Like any guy, I wipe myself after I cum with a baby wipe and the potential problem is solved.

Of course, I do have total mobility of my foreskin.

I'm uncut and my foreskin does not retract when I am erect.

However, I can pull the foreskin back completely before putting on a condom or at any other appropriate time, without any problem whatsoever.

In which case, your mutilated dick would need to be washed too. Most guys' foreskins can easily cover the head when hard and then slide easily back to expose the head.

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