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Reduce the stress of shipping to India by planning 3 – 6 months ahead. Then shortlist good schools for your kids and secure your job. Click here for tips on moving to India with children.3. Quality furniture and TVs are more expensive in India. Buy a step down transformer with the right voltage for your US TV.

You may be better off shipping your items in most cases. Sea shipping is among the slowest modes of transport. Be prepared for unforeseen delays due to weather, port congestion, etc. Most NTSC TVs work in India with a NTSC to Pal converter.

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The container is loaded & secured with a tamper-proof bolt seal. The container goes straight to the port from your home. You can then track your container all the way up to its final destination in India. You can ship boxes, TVs and furniture to India as LCL.

We are the largest consolidators for shipping to India from USA.

We are the only company in the marketplace to offer a truly ‘CUBE FREE’ shipping service. We give you a 5 LBS grace to stay within the weight limit.‘CUBE FREE’ means no cubic feet increase due to palletizing.

You can ship boxes & TVs for a fixed price with our ‘CUBE FREE” service. Traditionally, LCL shipping is billed by volume in cubic feet.

You simply pay based on the number of boxes or TVs you ship to India.‘CUBE FREE’ LCL shipping is our top selling service for shipping to India.

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