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The other teams disliked having them around due to their parasitic racing tactics, which involved leeching information off of the other teams and ditching them when they could go the rest of the way on their own.

Despite picking up speed as they entered Morocco (due to buying their way into the Brothers Alliance), getting out of the country proved to be their undoing.

In the final leg, they would be the last team to reach the International Fountain in Seattle, yet were the first to find a cab, winning them the race.

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The season got off to a somewhat weak beginning and ended with one of the most hated winners in the series, yet it also has some of the strongest characters and best storylines in the series.

Even though it is now considered one of the series' top entries, the ratings for the season slipped from where they had been in Season 2 (which were not all too high to begin with), causing the following season to get booted from Wednesday night and into a dreaded summer slot.

Despite having nearly everyone out to get them, they managed to win four legs and work their way far into the Race, where they ended up missing a clue in Vietnam and being eliminated in 4th place.

Drew got invited back to All-Stars with Flo, but since she did not want to run the race again, he did not return.

Brothers who, despite their age, were formidable racers, using every advantage given to them to make it to the end.