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It wasn't her intention to hurt him, but she knew it was time to move on." Emily and Ryan were both on last year's series - but they were actually together for a year before going on the show.They weren't allowed to share a room in the X Factor house, but this didn't stop them getting jiggy: apparently they were caught doing the deed on the STAIRS. magazine: "It's disgusting that someone would make up something like that, especially when we're so young and just starting out in our careers."Anyway, stair sex or no stair sex, from a quick look at their social media it appears the lovebirds are still together.

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She took to Twitter to slam Zayn, retweeting an article about the Zayn-Perrie split and writing: "Lol... Dunno how she didn't realise sooner what massive c*nt he is." Woaaaah. Zayn and Rebecca met on series seven – Rebecca came second while One D came third – and after the show the pair embarked on a four-month relationship.

They then "mutually agreed" to split in July 2011, blaming work commitments, but later Zayn called their fling a "mistake", leading Rebecca to respond: "It's a bit like, wow, that's a little blip in my life, what was I doing?

Holly, 16, and 17-year-old Conor have reportedly been spending a lot of time together and often pose for selfies together, prompting fans to comment that they’d make a ‘great couple’. Check out some more X Factor contestants who go it owwwnnn.

Under a group picture on Instagram, one fan wrote: “Sean and holly would make a good couple as well.” Another added: “Holly and Sean should go out.” One more fan wrote: “I don't know why but I ship Holly and Sean together.” Tbf, they’d probably be a vision of loves young dream and the poster couple for this year’s The X Factor. Series 4 winner Leon fell for 18-year-old Hope singer Emily back in 2007.

Nevertheless, the pair got together and went on to get engaged in July 2015..then a few months later they entered the Celebrity Big Brother house together.