Do men play mind games dating the pioneer epaper online dating

They won’t care about women’s feelings or the consequences of their actions, they will just think about how many women they can attract.

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One of the main reasons why men play mind games is because they feel the need to stroke their own ego.

They need to feel that they are wanted and adored and so will get what they want by playing mind games with women. Sometimes men can feel that they have no control over some things in their life and so might turn to playing mind games with women to fill this gap.

If this is the case then they will assert their authority and dominate the relationship to establish them as the alpha.

This may sound like a strange one but being a gold digger doesn’t just mean to take money from someone.

Then I wouldn’t hear from him for 4 or 5 days and most of the time in between, I was reaching out to him via text or phone.