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That is, crappy storybook-type games where the reward is to see naked anime women and have sex with them.It is, in fact, a lot more involving, with actual clever dialogue, different things to do, RPG elements, and plenty of replay value.

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En student har ikke anledning til å prøve å forbedre en bestått karakter i et emne mer enn en gang. Kandidaten viser svært god vurderingsevne og stor grad av selvstendighet. Kandidaten viser meget god vurderingsevne og selvstendighet.

C: Jevnt god prestasjon som er tilfredsstillende på de fleste områder.

You will spend a lot of your time increasing those stats either by scheduling stat-increasing exercises at your house or by gaining experience levels.

Another thing is that Bloody Bride is a very LONG game compared to other dating-sims.

Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of the Bloody Bride Translation Project (Google for it, you can't miss it), this game can now be played in ENGLISH.