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I mostly wrote about nutrition, but soon my interest in slightly more esoteric topics—such as lipidology—influenced what I wrote about.

Over the last few years competition for my time and energy have resulted in blogging being at the bottom of the priority list, somewhere just above watching reality TV (which I don’t watch) and just below rec league bocce ball (which I don’t play).

With more and more papers published by the minute, just how much noise is generated in the current landscape?

Our conservative calculations show that, “these go to eleven.” To be sure, there’s still a formidable amount of information and knowledge waiting to be plucked from the literature. In 2015 I came to the realization that I was slipping.

First, when I read/hear “thought leaders” (who shall remain nameless) claim to read all of the literature out there, I have to call BS. (For the reader who gets all verklempt hearing that most published research is nonsense, it might be helpful to read this article on the chicanery in the modern scientific publishing world.) It’s not lost on us that a heavily cited paper can be worse than useless and a thinly-cited one can be invaluable.