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In their case, being badass isn't so much the problem as much as making the character more well-rounded.Note that gay romance a gay/bi identity is enough for this tropeā€”it doesn't have to be both.We've got thousands of members so you're bound to find a relationship that works for you in due time.

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The stereotype of gay people as effeminate and weak is almost exclusively used toward gay men.

So to counter that stereotype, badass gay male characters are often Manly Gay or Gayngster.

Except maybe a stray Straw Loser or two who likely ends up getting their ass kicked by the Badass Gay character.

However, don't be surprised if they get suspiciously similarly discriminated against for some unrelated and maybe unearthly reason. May overlap with Manly Gay, Agent Peacock and Gayngster.

The audience can be expected to regard a romance between two individuals of different genders as simply a romance, yet regarding a romance between two individuals of the same gender as a romance rather than just a romance.