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He [the hoaxer] said: It had a Pembrokeshire postmark.Claire and I have come here with no definite plan as to how to find who we're looking for.

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Ali Moores, a year-old who worked in recruitment and who'd met Sebastian Pritchard-Jones through Guardian Soulmates, recognised Claire's description, too, only the Seb she'd known had angular eyebrows and spiked, caramel-coloured hair. The Seb that Danielle had fallen for was dark with a square jaw, the same man that Claire had seen in photographs. Seb told her he'd collect her on his way to the airport.

When Karen a year-old who worked in the media and Susan 35, a marketing manager from Derbyshire contacted Claire, they said they recognised the photographs but not the name. Different names, different faces, unmistakably one person. I remember her texting me: I'd watched the Catfish documentary.

As the research accumulated, one name became inescapable.

Ali recalled that when she'd received money from Seb, in , it was transferred from an unexpected bank account — AJ Palmer.

Joanna received her condolence card from a Pembrokeshire postcode, and Karen had been given a family address there that turned out to be fake.