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Unsurprisingly, Nobel laureates from Cambridge say: “We get our ideas in the lab and over coffee with friends.” This was one of the stories shared with me by my Nobel Museum guide and curator, Tobias Degsell.

Inspired by the Cambridge example, Bell Labs chose to work on a open-office plan that required its researchers to walk past the engineers while going to the cafeteria or even the loo.

For years, experts have been raising the red flag against our food labelling laws, and NGOs such as the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) have been coming out with damning evidence against some of the popular food brands, but no one has cared to even look into the findings.

The CSE has claimed that manufacturers of food products have been paying only lip service to the limits set by the law on trans fats, which are acknowledged to be among the major causes of blocked arteries and heart attacks.

For all its mouthwatering and finger-licking lure, such stuff was found to contain high levels of harmful trans fat, salt and sugar by a nongovernmental science and environmental group.