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In November 2010, Disney Channel announced the series was cancelled after two seasons. Jonas", development for a TV series and Disney Channel Original Movie called Camp Rock starring the Jonas Brothers, the TV show began.

Shortly after the Jonas Brothers guest starred on the Hannah Montana episode "Me and Mr. The original concept for the TV series was about the band playing concerts as a cover while working as government secret agents to save the world and was entitled Jonas (an acronym which stood for "Junior Operatives Networking as Spies").

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DNCE members Cole Whittle and Jin Joo Lee also attended the celebration held at Mamo NYC, as well as Kevin's wife Danielle Jonas."His brothers are always so nice to her, and she felt very comfortable with his family this [past] weekend for the festivities," the source told E! It looks like the "Chains" singer and his lady were giving off some serious couple vibes, too."They shared some sweet gestures, but not overly flirting," the source said.

"She seems very smitten over him." actress and her beau anytime soon."She is happy how everything is going in her life at the moment," the source told E! "She has [spoken] to some of her close girls about Nick.

“Christmas is her favorite time of year,” the source says, “because it’s all about family and spending time with the people you love.” The actress’ closeness with her family is reflected in her decision, the source says, to have the wedding reception under a tent in the garden of her parents’ home.

“The wedding will be small, and they’ve invited just their families and closest friends,” the source adds.

To say I'm humbled to be included amongst these stars is an understatement.