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XI will tell Sir that I'm not extremely experienced physically, so I what I would propose to do is prehaps compose my response using some real time experience and also my fantasies. I sit panting wanting more, I smile and look up at my Master, I enjoy the closeness of being allowed to sit on his lap, taking a deep breath, I breath in his smell, his wonderful scent, it's his very essence and oh my, it turns me on so much...

My mind is full of the many memories of being close to him like the first time I met him, I answer with out hesitation, "thank you Sir, I always enjoy myself with you" then without warning Master stands up, sending me crashing to the floor, ouch that did not help my now sore and red ass.

I was looking at the recent activity on this site and cruised into your profile.

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In fact tell me all about how you came to relish the idea of sitting on my knee with a freshly spanked and paddled bottom being forced to confess how you wish to be abused, and then punished again for enjoying that particular perversity.

I want to read about the full range of your experience, and then I'll change the name, turn it into a story and post it in the library so you can read about yourself...

I looked up searching for some kind of response from him, He simply walked straight by me, and into the next room.

Still sitting on the cold kitchen tiles, I can hear allsorts of movement from the next room.

Miriam was ordered to stand, take off her blazer, skirt and knickers and then straddle the arm of a leather wing chair.