New hampshire dating laws

In addition to normal safety checks, 1996 and newer gasoline-powered and newer diesel-powered vehicles (8500 lbs.

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The resident shall appear in person at the DMV to obtain such registration and shall sign under penalty of perjury a statement that the vehicle meets all New Hampshire inspection requirements, and in the case of a person seeking an extension of his registration, that he was unable to register the vehicle because of the limited hours of the town clerk, before the 20-day registration may be issued. Only one 20-day registration shall be issued during any one calendar year for a vehicle.

In-Transit Registration: The owner of any vehicle intended to be driven upon the roads of the state only for the purpose of transporting the vehicle to another jurisdiction where it is to be registered may apply to the DMV for the issuance of an in-transit registration for such vehicle.

The registration shall specify the terms and conditions under which the vehicle may be driven upon the roads, and no such vehicle shall be operated in violation of such terms and conditions.

An in-transit registration is only issued for private sale purchases from a NH resident and is only for the purpose of transporting the vehicle to its intended destination.

If the application for certificate of title refers to a vehicle last previously registered in another state or country, the application shall be accompanied by any certificate of title issued by the other state or country.