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" "How to watch TV." ai "Dorm Deliverance: The Easy Way Out." -: Clean-Up Every student will be responsible for cleaning his/her own dorm room. Although teachers still plan lessons four days per week, no plans are needed for Fridays, and no plans ever have to be changed. The rate at which The gas and electricty is used Pn campus is a series of peaks and valleys. To raise money for the , -""gy Management pystem, the college applied I to the Department of Energy I for a Matching Grant. ] think it is probably just about anywhere I make it as long as it is with the Lord, After all, "He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in Him will I trust." Trusting God is not always easy, bu like the Living Bible says, "For He rescues you from every trap, and protects you from the fatal plague." That's what I need! Some who can go with me to that secret place and soothe my wearied mind and body.

One veteran pro- fessor commented, "Nobody It to class on Fridays anyway. " "Students at SCSDA should prove to be learning just as i in the past, because there will be no interruptions to instruction. One student stated, "Fridays aren't so dull any- more. Two I weeks ago SC was notified that the 6,000 grant had be awarded to them. Someone who will still love me even though I didn't finish that assignment. It was quiet in my dorm room and I was lonely, looking for something to do while waiting for a friend.

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The largest number of correct answers is the winner. Jim Hunter Ty Cobb Dick Radatz Rich Gossage Ken Harrelson Ernie Banks Aurelio Lopez Mark Fidrych Lou Gehrig Phil Regan A. to 6 p.m., the students of Southern College will be able to- participate in Blood Assurance here on cam- pus.

Blood Assurance is a volunteer blood donor pro- gram in the City of Chatta- nooga.

Fridays are re- served for all the other activi- ties that would normally inter- rupt classes. Be a regular plasma donor, and you'll also earn the thanks of hemophiliacs; surgical patients; burn, shock or accident victims and many others. The article was based on e research they had been I doing in their free time on I Salisb, a plant otherwise I known as the "life ] plant." The Salisb's leaves I have notches along the edge 1 these notches are I embryo buds. Houck and Rieseberg cut the edges off of some leaves and placed them in petri dishes containing var- ing amounts of cytokinin, auxin, an acid, then a l AA oxidase was added.

Since no lectures are scheduled for Fridays and there are no interruptions on the other days, no lesson plans ever have to be altered in any To illustrate how the plan operates, school officials pro- vided the following schedule for a typical Friday at SCSDA, A new Tennessee Senate bill will require five minutes of prayer per day. Friday Plan, that translates to 25 minutes every Friday. When the leaf i broken off from the stock, the buds will sprout another plant. They found that the cytokinin stimulated the growth of the buds while auxin inhibited their growth.

Thi entire student body will meet in the church for this event. However, this will coun as five (5) worship credits. "When I saw this j|iappening in our green- , I became curious as to why. They also found that the l AA oxidase broke down the auxin allow- ing the cytokinin to stimulate the bud growth.