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Each week we will put a new quote in hopes that passers by get inspired and it helps change their little worlds, and make their days brighter.

This week "be the change you wish to see in the world." ❤️ Have an awesome day lover butts! ️ It's always been my firm belief that if you want to help change the world it starts with the tiny ..." src="

), a great piece of jewelry from Gemara’s Gems, a beautifully soft loofah from Bellus Threads along with an essential oil infused shampoo and conditioner, a certificate for item of choice from Lilla Rose, plus a tote bag from Hyde Park Village and Shop Sevi!

On top of that, we raffled off some amazing giveaways from Life Proof (my go-to waterproof case that usually stays on my phone to prevent disastrous mishaps!

I had such a great time with a fabulous group of women last week at one of my favorite stores, West Elm!