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Untypically, however, 24 adults, or about one of every 110 residents of this community of 2,700, are now under indictment for sexually abusing children ranging in age from 2 to 17. The first trial, that of Robert and Lois Bentz, is now winding down. Bentz, who is 33, had been charged with engaging in various sex acts with their own three sons as well as seven other children. Mansur of Scott County today dismissed charges regarding five of the 10 children. Kathleen Morris, rested her case after calling six children as witnesses.

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Rud, a newcomer to Jordan who worked as a garbage collector. Oldtimers could feel a certain smugness that this was not happening in their neighborhood.

But the arrests continued, eventually including a police officer, Greg A.

Myers, and his wife, Jane, who had lived in Jordan all her life. Buchan, a deputy sheriff, and his wife, Cindy, were arrested.

About that time, people began wondering if the investigation had not gone too far. A Lutheran minister issued a statement in The Independent, denying that he and his wife were suspects.

On Thursday, Daudt suspended his chairmanship, and on Friday, former House Speaker Kurt Zellers, a Republican, called on Cornish to resign.