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The efforts by Tounens to gain international recognition prompted an invasion by Chile, worried by the possibility of the establishment of a French protectorate in Araucanía.

The Chilean invasion resulted in Tounens' capture and deportation.

During the Independent State of Croatia 1941–1945 the Habsburgs were officially dethroned, but since today's Republic of Croatia does not consider itself the successor of the Independent State of Croatia, following the succession rite king Karl's grandson Karl von Habsburg-Lothringen is the first in line to succeed to the Croatian throne.

Crown prince Amedeo Zvonimir of Savoy-Aosta Upon its independence from the kingdom of Yugoslavia in April 1941 the Independent State of Croatia was created under the protection of Italy and Germany.

Former states of the British Aden Protectorate were united in the 1960s to form the People's Republic of South Yemen, which became independent on 30 November 1967.