Uk dating site scams

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"I received no contact proposals and still was charged £104.70 BE CAREFUL GUYS !!! I had the Worst Experience EVER .i loged in with the APP of C-date i found very cheap prices for exempel the Price of 6 Months was 7,48Euro/month . 2 seconds Later i say That C-date took 179,4Euro from my bank account . If anyone wanna help me to take REVENGE from this FAKE company can contact me i hope that will take OUR MONEY back .

Everything you have read is true about this company being a scam, about not being able to contact them to cancel the subscription. I have tried oi find a phone number, they have none and I have cancelled via the website and this does not stop them from charging me 155$ for the last month...

The former is a long-established scam (known as "advance-fee fraud") while the latter is a new, but outright, con.

British forces personnel on Operations do not have to pay to go on leave, or to pay for flights, or replacement personnel.

What kind of dumb arsewipes are these morons trying to get money for nothing. I am hoping i could find a real mature man who knows what true friendship is all about and would always enjoy a great huge conversation aside that am very humble loyal honest and straight forward but not perfect and its hard to find some one like that as well. I AM DESPERATELY TRYING TO ESCAPE FROM THESE FRAUDSTERS. Very dubious about getting messages from women, only to see they have never visited my profile! Can any one tell me how long does it last to cancel my Premium membership? they all had fake stories and wanted me to sign up to some fantasy Safety ID website which is just a scam to take more money off you. Beware the pricing, it all looks good “hey 3 months only £8.69” well that doesn’t sound to bad that’s not even £20 for the 3 months! And once you start using the site you find 99% of women all have one arm in the air with a model pose.