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updating component registration error-59

Please confirm you are running version,, or prior to installing this update.

You can check this under Help | About in Veeam Backup & Replication console.

Attached the License information and when i testing it is giving error saying that DNS error: check the DNS settings in the firewall Firewall is in transparantmode Scenario is like below : Internet | | Internet Router (Cisco) | Firewall (Fortigate- Transpanrant mode) | LAN ( 2 vlans) To resolve this issue , I have verified / configured the followings : a) Allowed DNS 53 , 8888 ports in internet router wan interface b) able to resolve service.from firewall and able to ping (Attached , pls see) c) while diagnosing sniffing packet we observed that ther is a communication happpening to service.to fortigate firewall ( attached , pls see) d) Changed the DNS settings in the firewall to and local dns ip addresses etc but no luck The issue was happend since the ISP changeover , before they were in one ISP and now they are changed to different ISP , can we supsect htat ISP may blco the ports?

If ports blocked by ISP , how service.is reaching from firewall Pls help me to resove the issue Regards Ram Hello, Make sure that following ports are allowed for Forti Gate, - For AV & IPS: TCP 443 - For Webfilter and Antispam : UDP Do the sniff and check for the packet reply.

Fortigate is in transparant mode and IP address is nd dns set as 2.153 is service.ip address Waiting for your inputs Regards Ramu sniffer-53-8888Sniffer-to-443there are more IP's than just those and more ports try adding 1027 or 1031 UDP 443 as well Can your internal DNS resolve the addresses - if not try pointing the box as a google DNS server - i think will work Earn your B. in Network Operations and Security and become a network and IT security expert.