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Also, if you're a pokemon fan, you can use a homebrew'd 3DS to transfer pokemon from the original red/blue/yellow cartridges to the 3DS virtual console and Pokemon Bank in order for your favorites from the originals to be transfered to your current games. Once you have a flash card, you can then use whatever SD format they use.

R4 for example uses Standard Micro SD, which basically means non "SDHC" (secure digital high capacity, only exists for Ok so I just got my daughter a dsi xl used and it came with an R4 card and had to micro sd cards tgat went inside of it and it played over hundred plus games well I did something and the ds said to update something so I did now I can't get her games to work there must have been some special software can you help me please I feel so bad because this was her Christmas present What was the name of the updated version?

updating cyclods firmware-44

You can check out reddit.com/r/3dshacks (3DS Hacks, not 3D Shacks) for some more details.

Oh, and if/when you DO homebrew your 3DS, look into to have some fun.

You CAN homebrew a 3DS, but the problem is Nintendo still actively supports the 3DS and anything that is used to homebrew it ends up being patched not long later.

This can be avoided by simply waiting for a while and not updating so you have an out-of-date version that people have an exploit for, or finding a way to downgrade your system (which would require a different exploit) to a version that has known ways of homebrewing.

In the US, you'd be lucky if you found them in any stores, companies like Gamestop and others wouldn't want to be seen selling objects that can do something illegal, it could get them into strife. S.: Yes, as long as you are using them for homebrew only, they are legal. Can I run commerical roms, such as ones you buy in the store? But I, in no way endorse that act and cannot be held responsible for any wrong doings your par-take in. They also have a forum if you would like to ask more questions. To run Homebrew, you need either: -Slot 1 Flash Card (Image 1) -OR -Slot 2 Flash Cart and a Pass Key.

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