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This would make Beyoncé only the second female headliner of the festival since it was founded in 1999.

The Guardian named her Artist of the Decade, Llewyn-Smith wrote: Why Beyoncé. Jarett Wieselman of the New York Post placed her at number one on her list of the Five Best Singer/Dancers.

In this book the author has tried to collate his facts and publish them as a contribution to the elucidatioa vi PREFACE of the Macedonian question.

II THE SOUTHERN SLAVS The Southeni Slavs and their arrival in their present territory — Ethnographic changes brought about by their arrival— Ethnical unity of the Southern Slavs— The Bulgars and their invasion of the Southern Slav lands between the Danube and the Balkan mountains— Con- trast between the Bulgars and the conquered Slavs — Their gradual fusion into the present Bulgarian nation — Traces of old Bulgarian qualities in the modem Bulgars — Territory in which the present Bulgarian nation was evolved.

" Not only a piece of powerful propaganda, but a literary production of high quality.

On all these maps the name of Serbia extends over the regions south of the Sar Moun- tain and the Skoplje Crna Gora.

In November 2003, she embarked on the Dangerously in Love Tour in Europe and later toured alongside Missy Elliott and Alicia Keys for the Verizon Ladies First Tour in North America.